Worship my million dollar bum

Here's the deal slaveboy, my bum is the most precious body part your princess possesses and therefore it's expensive and it's going to cost You, my Slaveboy a lot of money to even get near it. I am getting lots of donations for 50, 100 or 200 euro to just touch it and I tell them to fuck off while spending the money on expensive items when shopping sending them a drop of my ass sweat in the mail. Face it, not only you but everyone is jealous of my bum, when I go out every other loser keeps staring at it. When I went out last night five guys asked for my number and I told him to fuck off as well ;) Yes, losers like you just keep staring at my bum, what are you thinking there? You are dreaming of kissing it or even touching my nice soft ass gently by rubbing your hands all over it... keep dreaming Slaveboy. You gonna need to have deep pockets to worship my princess bum :)


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