Time for a princess nap

Are you here again? You ever going out, you stupid man. Go away, I don't need you here. Are you pathetic you idiot? I am just trying to relax, just go ahead. I am trying to play Angry Birds while you are just sitting here like a puppy dog next to my bed staring at me like that. Can't you just leave me, have nothing to do in your life now have you? I forget.. you don't have any friends now have you? Your Thai Money Princess is tired from spending all of your money today. Now your princess wants to enjoy a princess sleep. I don't want you here, you are getting on my nerve with that pathetic look of yours and wipe that stupid smile of your face. Simply leave 200 euro on the table while I enjoy myself in the bed.. playing with my million dollar bum. Wait a minute now you are here slave.. before you go, I want you to lick my feet.. I am so relaxed right now keep licking and massage it slowly.


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